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Thanks for visiting our website here at Red Star Products, based in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Our CBD gummies is one of the top CBD edibles available and our company Red Star Products is one of the best brands and suppliers of CBD Products. Our product line is all about providing consumers with the highest quality and best value. Our CBD edibles have double the amount of CBD in each gummie as compared to most of our competitors. The Red Star CBD goal is to bring a better product with a modest price to you, our customer. Every product is lab tested to ensure dosing accuracy and the quality and consistency of ingredients. We have many hemp-derived products (with no THC) that can suit any consumer's needs for a variety of ailments and conditions. We pride ourselves in our CBD's delivery system to the cellular level of the body. Our professional staff is always working on our diverse product line to ensure excellence in our products. Our detail to product quality is what separates the Red Star CBD brand from the rest of the rapidly growing CBD edibles industry. We are here to earn your business!

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